i_mBODY Lab

Interactive Multisensory Body-centred Experiences
at the Intersection of Neuroscience & Technology



How We Experiment

Data-driven research

through a variety of instruments and sensors we collect data on changes in people’s perceptions, behaviors and emotions. We research novel models and algorithms to connect the changes across dimensions and to sensory signals.

i_mBODY Lab-sound spectrogram
i_mBODY Lab- Body map

Understanding people’s body and multisensory experiences

In our studies we:
  • provide real-time sensory feedback, such as sound or tactile feedback, in response to movement and actions.

  • collect quantitative and qualitative data on people’s Body and Self Perceptions, for instance using Body Maps.

  • measure behavior and emotional state, by using sensors as well as self-reports.

  • research novel models and algorithms to connect the changes in body perception, behavior and emotion and to sensory signals.

i_mBODY Lab-Signal-2
i_mBODY Lab- architecture

1) Spectrogram of a sound used in our experiments to accompany body movement; 2) A Contextual Body Map, depicting how a sound accompanying movement has affected a participant’s body perceptions during a physical exercise; 3) example of movement sensor data collected from a participant walking; 4) a proposed architecture linking data on body perception and data from movement and physiological sensors.