i_mBODY Lab

Interactive Multisensory Body-centred Experiences
at the Intersection of Neuroscience & Technology



Our research

our work is informed by, and contributes to, cognitive neuroscience research on multisensory perception and body perception. How do our brains integrate the different sensory signals to form perceptions of one’s body appearance and capabilities?

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through a variety of instruments and sensors we collect data on changes on people’s perceptions, behaviors and emotions. We research novel models and algorithms to connect the changes across dimensions and to sensory signals. 

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we design sensorial, interactive and wearable protypes. Our user-centred design methodology involves embodied design explorations with stakeholders and designers, fast-prototyping techniques and user tests in the lab and in real-life.

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we take research outside the lab to real-life contexts including medical contexts, people’s homes or workplace. We work with somatic practitioners and with various populations.

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