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Exploring Multisensory Extended Reality Approaches for Autistic Children: Improve Well-Being and Assess Auditory Perception – Copy

Date: 12 April 2023 at 2 pm

Speaker: Valentin Bauer, Paris-Saclay University, CNRS, LISN, VENISE team

Title: Exploring Multisensory Extended Reality Approaches for Autistic Children: Improve Well-Being and Assess Auditory Perception


Autism is a widespread neurodevelopmental condition which is characterized by interaction and communication difficulties, focused interests, and sensory issues. While Extended Reality (XR) studies are promising to support practitioners’ interventions, they mainly focus on training the socio-emotional abilities of autistic children with mild learning disabilities. Yet, common interventions address the entire spectrum and focus on other abilities, including perceptual abilities. Based on this observation, in the first part of this talk, I will present 34 interviews that were conducted with autism stakeholders to compare their practical needs with the literature XR uses and designs. Findings confirmed the presence of a research gap and called for further exploration of XR sensory and mediation approaches. To that end, two research endeavors were conducted within clinical settings in collaboration with practitioners. In the second part of this talk, I will speak about the design, development, and long-term field testing of a multisensory mediation AR environment called Magic Bubbles within a day hospital setting, intended to prompt reassurance and sharing for autistic children with Severe Learning disabilities and complex Needs (SLN). In the third part of this talk, I will describe the potential use of AR to overcome the limits of current auditory assessments for autistic children with SLN. After presenting the development of a sound taxonomy accounting for their everyday listening experiences, the design of an AR auditory assessment will be outlined. The presentation will end by drawing research perspectives based on the main research findings.


Valentin Bauer has completed his PhD in computer science in 2023 at Paris-Saclay University, CNRS, LISN, VENISE team, working around Extended Reality (XR), autism, and audio. In 2017, he graduates from the Advanced Music Production Program (FSMS) at Paris Conservatoire (CNSMDP). He particularly works on spatialized music production during his Master’s internship at Radio France Quality and Innovation Department. In 2018, he works as a music consultant for Toulouse Capitole National Orchestra. He then engages in the Media and Arts Technology Program at Queen Mary University of London. There, he does his second Master’s internship with BBC R&D on a participative Audio Augmented Reality performance. In 2019, he starts his PhD, during which he particularly collaborates with clinical practitioners, at the day hospital André Boulloche and Paris-Saclay music conservatoire. In parallel, he teaches research classes at the CNSMDP and Louis Lumière, computer science labs at the IUT Orsay, and VR labs at Polytech Master Program. On the music creation side, Valentin has also been working on several projects as a sound artist, for instance for the Cité des Sciences (2022).

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