i_mBODY Lab

Interactive Multisensory Body-centred Experiences
at the Intersection of Neuroscience & Technology


Omar Valdiviezo Hernández


Omar Valdiviezo Hernández

PhD Student, i_mBODY Lab, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, SpaIN.

Laia is an Interaction Design researcher. Her research explores how interactive technologies can be designed and used to affect people’s sensorimotor experiences of themselves and others, particularly in contexts of health and wellbeing. She holds a PhD and M.SSc. in Human Computer Interaction from Uppsala University, Sweden; and a B.Des. in Multimedia Technologies from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya, Spain. Her research interests include multisensory and wearable technology, embodied learning, social cooperation, design methods and play.

Her research interests include multisensory and wearable technology.

Effects of pitch and musical sounds on body‐representations when moving with sound

Judith Ley-Flores, Eslam Alshami, Aneesha Singh, Frédéric Bevilacqua, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, Ophelia Deroy, and Ana Tajadura-Jiménez

Scientific Reports volume 12, Article number: 2676