i_mBODY Lab

Interactive Multisensory Body-centred Experiences
at the Intersection of Neuroscience & Technology

A review of human movement datasets: from signing to diving by way of walking

Date: 6th June 2022

Speaker: Temitayo Olugbade, University College London Interaction Centre


Data is central to any human-centred scientific and engineering endeavour. Human movement is of particular interest as it is a means of interaction with the world and a modality of expression. For instance, we wiggle, reach, crawl, limp, jump, and in many ways, move as we feel. In this talk, I will give an overview of 704 open human movement datasets that we catalogued across multiple disciplines and also present a framework that emerged from this and highlights critical considerations, including human diversity, for creating (open) movement datasets. 


Temitayo Olugbade is an applied machine learning postdoctoral researcher at University College London Interaction Centre. She has strong interests in solving problems using AI/ML (machine learning) methods and is particularly interested in automatic interpretation of behaviour and physiological signals for the purpose of tailoring feedback or support. Temi also volunteers on the working group for the IEEE standard being developed for affect aware technologies.

 If you are interested in giving a talk please write an email to: lab.imbody@gmail.com.