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Touch for Material Recognition and Affective Communication

Date: 28 April 2023 at 2 pm

Speaker: Dr. Hsin-Ni Ho, Kyushu University, Japan

Title: “Touch for Material Recognition and Affective Communication”


Touch is essential to our lives, playing crucial roles in both material recognition and affective communication. In recent years, haptic information presentation has gained traction in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Virtual Reality. In this presentation, I will discuss my research on utilizing touch to enhance material recognition and facilitate affective communication. My aim is to provide the audience with a fundamental understanding of haptics and spark interest in further research within this domain.


Dr. Hsin-Ni Ho is an Associate Professor at Kyushu University, Japan, with a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She specializes in developing haptic interfaces based on human perception. She models the heat transfer processes during hand-object interactions and studies how resulting changes in skin temperature are processed by the brain and integrated with other sensory inputs to form a unified percept of touch. Her work on multisensory integration with temperature perception has been published in top journals in haptics, neuroscience, and psychology and covered by Scientific American. She organized workshops at top conferences, such as Eurohaptics, Worldhaptics, and ACMCHI.

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